Colour: Grey, Taupe

High Grade Leather Power Reclining Sectional with movable manual headrest.
3 Power reclining sectional with 2 manual adjustable headrest at the 2 ends covered in all leather. Power button with USB port at the 2 ends.

Armless Chair: W-30.3 X H-40.2 X D-37.8
LAF Power Recliner: W-42.3 X H-40.2 X D-37.8
RAF POwer Recliner: W-42.3 X H-40.2 X D-37.8
Recliner Chair: W-30.3 XH-40.2 X D-37.8
Wedge: W-52.8 X H-40.2 X D-52.8



High Grade Leather upholstery and chrome base.
Colour: Red, Black, White

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